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Restaurant Bill Claim

Restaurant Bill Claim Guide

Employees working for a company will be provided the option to make the claim of food bills on quaterly on team outing or halfly team outing to a restaurant for lunch or dinner expense.

Few Companies allow its employee to submit the food bill to claim as part of daily reimbursements

Now-a-days Companies allow its employee to make the claim on team outing via lunch or dinner expenses.

Employees are allowed to claim their daily food expense via submitting the bills also.

  • Food bills will be provided with or without GST, and charges would be 3% & 9% respectively.
  • Generic Questions:

    Check your company policy on submitting the Restaurant Bill.

    Full Bill of the restaurant as per your limit with or without GST as per your company policy

    Based on your company policy it varies, we have provided bills for employees where they have claim limit from 50 to 25,000 maximum.

    We have 2 different slabs such as 3% & 9% which is meant for without GST and with GST.

    We Provide Hotel Food Bills to claim