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LTA Bill Claim

Relocation Allowance Rules & Exemption Guide

Employees working for a company from one location have now multiple opportunities to work, grow and learn in different locations within the country by working for the same organization without having to switch jobs. Due to business restructuring many times employees are relocated or transferred from one city to another city. Sometimes the employee is transferred due to a project or an assignment. They have an option of moving with the family, and other times an entire department/ office is shifted out from one city to another city for business reasons.

These expenses are reimbursed by the company or at times paid directly by the employer on your behalf. We will help you understand the taxability of these allowances/ reimbursements paid by the company to employees who are transferred from one city to another:

  • Packing, Car Transportation Cost
  • Car Registration Charges:
  • School admission fees of children
  • Expenses incurred at shifting of new residence
  • Brokerage paid on house taken on rent
  • Bus/Cab/Train/ Air tickets fee for shifting of family members
  • Accommodation provided in a hotel for the initial period of 15 days on joining the employment
  • Consider you are on tax slab 30% and u submit bill for 50K, we charge you 4500 (9%) if with GST then you get Tax savings of 15,600
  • Packing, Car Transportation, Brokerage Bills, Family member travel tickets, temporary accomodation.

    All bills that goesnt required GST will cost 9% and bills that doesnt required GST will cost 3%

    Generic Questions:

    Check your Offer Letter containing the transfer policy allowance section.

    Employee should maintain the documents, proof of payments, any other agreement signed with employer substantiating the claim and payment of expenses incurred on transfer. These documents can be asked by the employer for their records. Also, the employer would need to claim these expenses in its books of account as business expenditure.

    Based on your company policy it varies, we have provided bills for employees where they have claim limit from 10,000 to 1.05Lakhs maximum.

    We have 2 different slabs such as 3% & 9% which is meant for without GST and with GST.

    We Provide Cargo Shifting Bill, Trip Sheet, Cash Payment Voucher, payment receipt, Hotel Bills* to claim